Program Description
K-5 Physical Education Units and Activities


Basic Locomotor               Walking, running, hopping, skipping, jumping, 
                                       leaping and other forms of movement.

Tag Games                      Movement in space, chasing, dodging and fleeing.

Football                           Throwing, catching, punting, kicking  and lead-up 

Soccer                             Dribbling, passing, trapping, goal tending and  
                                       lead-up games.

Volleyball                         Bumping, setting, serving, spiking and lead-up

FloorHockey                    Stick handling, passing, goal tending and games.

Basketball                       Dribbling, passing, catching, shooting, pivoting
                                      and lead-up games.

Small Apparatus              Ropes, balance beam, traverse climbing wall, wall
                                      climber, cargo net, etc

Rhythms/Dance              Movements to music, square dancing, folk dancing,
                                      ribbons, scarves, etc

Stunts/Tumbling             Balancing, pyramids, and simple stunt activities.

Track and Field               Relays, sprints, long jump, shot put, hurdles and
                                     distance running.

Softball/T-Ball                Striking, throwing, catching, and lead-up games.

Cup Stacking                   3-3-3, 3-6-3, 10 stack, cycle, pyramid building,
                                      relays and head to head.

Fitness Testing                President's Challenge for Physical Fitness.

Large Group Fitness        Relays, agility ladders, mini hurdles, yoga, dynamic
                                     movement activities, exercise balls, medicine balls,
                                     exerbands, exercise tubing, exercise video's and
                                     team building.

Other Activities               Bowling, scooters, scoops, beanbags, hoops,       
                                     obstacle course, deck rings, parachute and   
                                     cooperative games.

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