Ms. Moser
   Our classroom is up and running for another year of fast paced learning and fun.  Each day opportunities for learning abound in our classroom.  You can feel the energy of learning when you walk in the door.  Come with us and we will take you through a quick glimpse of what the year will look like.

Reading:  Our district uses the Houghton Mifflin reading series as the Core program.  We will our way through 6 themes.  The first one is Journeys, followed by American Stories, That's Amazing, Problem Solvers, Heroes, and Nature: Friend and Foe.  We don't stop there though, we explore other areas of genre and rich literature through our guided reading groups which meet daily.

Math:  Everyday Math is our district's core.  This year we will explore multi-digit multiplication; division; working with big numbers,fractions, decimals, and percents; estimation; collecting data and organizing it to draw conclusions; geometrical construction; probability; weight; volume; capacity; and symmetry.

Science: Our science year started with snip its about many areas of science. Our mid-year study explores the area of magnetism and electricity. During those dull cold months of February and March we will take a look at the moon.  We will end our year talking about the human skeleton and if time inventions.  We use a hands on discovery approach in our science search.

Social Studies:  How could we forget about our great state of Wisconsin?  In our fourth grade classroom we don't.  It is discovered with pride and anticipation.  We use weird sites in Wisconsin, based on the book "Weird Wisconsin", to gain their attention and then we explore that county, its history, industry, and other attributes that make that county unique.


Key Boarding: We learn how to keyboard on the computer. The students learn proper keyboarding posture and touch. By December we will be moving into a program that is individually designed to progress at the same rate as the child's keyboarding ability.


Be sure to visit the classroom news page to get a monthly update on what  is going on in each area.