3rd Grade

Welcome to Third Grade at Abraham Lincoln Elementary School!

Third grade teachers are coteaching this year.  We will each be working with your child.  If you want to contact one of us feel free to do so.

Ms. Rachel Losselyong

We feel that we are a team, working together to make this year the best possible one for your child.  As the students use their identified strengths, we will be doing the same.   Each parent also brings their strengths to the educational experience of the child.  Together we can acccomplish great things!

Let us encourage you to have your child correct any D or F papers throughout the year.  When these are returned their grade is raised to a C.  Please return these in a timely manner.  This does NOT apply to tests that are given.

Wednesday is the night that you should look for your child's envelope.  This will contain the previous week's work.  Look through the work and take time to comment on what your child did well, and the things that they need additional work on.  This reinforces what your child is being successful in.  This communication also lets you know what areas your child needs to improve on too.  Please be sure to sign and return this envelope the following school day. 


Please encourage your child to read aloud to you each night for about 15 minutes.  Please have the child tell you about what they read after reading a passage.  We also encourage your child to read fluently, in class we discuss how this should sound like a conversation. 
Reading silently is appropriate too, but again, please discuss the passage after it is read.


This year we will be learning multiplication and division facts.  The students should have mastered their addition and subtraction by now.  We continue to work on these in class.  At home it is helpful to practice these as well.  Students can make their own flashcards or flashcards can be purchased.
This year there will be a review that comes home the night prior to a chapter test.  Please take time and look over the skills that your child had trouble in and use this as a study guide for the test.


Your child will bring a spelling list home to study on Mondays.  This list is stapled in the assignment book.  Remove this list and keep it in a safe spot to study every night.  The test will usually be on Friday.